Friday, July 27, 2012


We have landed ourselves, without kids (who are still at the beach with the grandparents), in Atlanta! This is a cool city. A hot, cool city. Georgia is our 4th state in 3 weeks. We're here for the wedding of our beloved friend Greg, and Zach is a groomsman. So he's doing wedding stuff right now, and I'm painting my nails and catching up on this blog. Only $12.95 for 24 hours of internet access at this hotel. I think that's weird? like we're paying a motherload to stay here, so you can't give me free internet access? mmmmkay.

Anyway, I wanted to show you a few more pictures from Breckenridge! Here they are...

Zach took the big kids up to the Adventure Park, so mommy and Sammy walked into town and had a donut date! 

Then we rode the gondola up to see them! 

Zach and Leah on the Alpine Slide! 

There goes Pete! 

Sammy gets a turn...

Then Leah and I took a hike up a ski slope with Aunt Sally and Uncle Steve

Uncle Steve checking out the snow pile

dirty snow hike! 

goofy Leah with a stunning background

Leah takes a pony ride! 

and Pete climbs the rock wall... 

almost to the top! 
We had one more day of fun in Colorado Springs after leaving Breckenridge. We're cherishing our memories of Colorado and miss it already! More pictures to come...

Off to do more wedding prep! And maybe buy a cupcake at this awesome bakery across the street...

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