Sunday, December 30, 2012

Back from almost dead

I hope you all had a lovely holiday!
We had a great time with our families- and all of my 6 siblings were home at my mom's for Christmas this year! It was extra special with my two baby nieces there, and my brother who is a Captain in the Army and will deploy to Afghanistan next month :(. We cherished our time... but....
All three kids had the pukes, a few of us had flu-like symptoms, and upon driving home on Friday (which I shouldn't have done), I fell into bed and did not wake up until now, Sunday (I think) morning. I had every possible virus/bacterial infection to have at once. Fever, puking, sinus infection, probably strep throat, body aches, and total exhaustion. Fun! Drugs are starting to work, but dude, that was scary. I couldn't function, not one ounce. Right now I can't stand up for more than a few minutes but I feel alive, which is amazing!

I'll post soon about our Christmas craziness. Here is a family photo... I got bangs. It's fun but I feel like they make my cheeks look fat. Plus I'm pale due to sickness/lack of sun. I need a makeover! Everyone else looks darling, as usual! (Pete still in pj's... his day to puke...)


***this was originally written after thanksgiving- just was able to publish now. more soon... I think I got the picture problem solved. Merry Christmas!***

We had a great holiday! I forgot my camera, but hope to gather pictures from my sister. I found these pics on my camera from last week, and thought... "toys? who needs toys?" ... not my kids :).

rigging up a vine to swing on


the fort all the kids built in the woods... love it! 

Thursday, December 6, 2012

I'll figure it out later

The picture thing- I'll figure it out later.
This blog will still be here when I'm ready to come back...
After exams.
Hopefully I'll hear something about Nursing school (for this first round of admissions)?
Hopefully Zach will survive taking Boards 3 days after Christmas (this will be his unbreak-break).
I'll reassess this little writing space later. Real life being lived... full of awesome kids, kids throwing epic tantrums, kids turning into pre-teenagers already (judging by a certain daughter's attitude), parents studying hard, parents loving their kids fully and attempting not to kick them to mars in the middle of their fights and sassiness, all of us having a BLAST with friends and playing outside and not cooking and getting ready for Christmas.
I'll keep documenting our family stuff here... eventually.
To anyone out there reading... hope you are well!