Tuesday, March 29, 2011


is not cool. Not cool, Spring. booooo.
let us remember... we live IN THE SOUTH. southern United States.
it is almost April.
Just to remind you.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

when civil war is good

it's good when an awesomely talented duo names themselves "the civil wars"... which is my favorite new group.

so i'm still super busy and have no time to write for real, but i thought i'd share this music if you haven't heard of them already...

love their harmony. remember the choir geek in me? oh yes. i love this. and zach and i sound like this when we sing together, minus a few thousand cool/talent points, but we don't sound toooo bad :). and we like to dream! (also they were on npr today... i know, nerd alert!)


this is probably their most popular so far...

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

luck o' the irish

well hello.
crazy times around here...
we celebrated Z's birthday with lots of fun and many cakes, thanks to our lovely families...
but we can't forget about St. Patrick's Day, always one of our favorite days.

First, I stopped by our old house to say goodbye before the official close. I do believe we had the luck o' the irish on this one... i mean, selling a house and closing on St. Patty's day?
that is WINNING. (oh I'm so sorry. I couldn't help it.)

Then, my adorable children decided to all wear camo (GREEN) so they wouldn't get pinched.

AND it's been unseasonably summer-like here, so we really enjoyed that and played our little hearts out.

The highlight of St. Patrick's Day? Picking up our check from the SALE of our house, and drinking a Guinness, for health!

So that's the recap of last week. We're on our second week of feeling GRATEFUL to have sold our house, and we're settling into our new digs at my parents. It's definitely been an adjustment with new schedules and more driving, but it's been fun! I feel sort of out-of-the-loop with friends because I've been so busy with work. I have a big case up in the mountains that I've had to travel for, and a post-placement case as well, and some articles to write. And of course I want to love my babies well, so it's a balancing act right now! If I look too far into the future and how busy I am, I tend to panic. So I'm saying the "one day at a time" mantra, and it's working. woooot!

So here's my big internet HELLO! I'm alive! Hope you all are well, and that the leprechauns brought you a little luck, too :).

Saturday, March 19, 2011

this dude

This is my husband... and he's getting OLD! it's his birthday! He's too old to have any more babies (well, not really, but I don't think we should have any more babies right now), so he resorts to stealing other people's babies (I kid, I kid. This is our BFF's baby :). He's a fantastic daddy, an incredible husband, and has worked his arse off to follow his dreams and provide for our little family. He is a modern day renaissance man, and we're lucky to have him as ours!!!!! We love him!

Happy Birthday Zach :).

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

saying goodbye

the house is empty.
tomorrow it will no longer be ours.
it's very odd how you grow attached to a house.
it is just a thing,
it did shelter us, and welcomed home our children.
many sweet memories created there.

also, it needed to go. we needed it gone, out of our hands, in order to move onto the next chapter of our lives. very odd to love something and need to be rid of it at the very same time.

we did not hire movers, so my back, legs, arms, top-of-my-head (and Zach's) ache... deeply ache. We are physically exhausted, but emotionally? well, I feel fine. free, actually. Settling in at my parents home... it is all lovely.

this week we're also heartbroken for the people of Japan, and all they are going through with this horrific tragedy. Why do these things happen? Why?

And, we're hoping and praying with friends that their children will be united with them soon.

Because this is so fitting, I'm going to be a copycat. My friend Lori loves Emmylou Harris and posted this today. I do too. We saw her together once at Merlefest two years ago. She is magical. This song just captures it all. The bittersweetness, the holiness, the hurt and the glory of life, all nested together.

Monday, March 7, 2011

my truth....

These words simply capture all that I feel about my job as a mom. I often struggle with my choices. Should I have gone for that huge degree? Should I have waited to have kids (not that I could have controlled that one, as I thought I could have)? Should I have... should I have... should I have....

But the truth is, I couldn't have. Motherhood picked me. And I needed it to. Because these things I've learned, and the way I've been refined, day in and day out, I owe to being a mother. Some people learn through other journeys, but this is the journey that chose me. I am challenged and exhausted, thoroughly wiped out, by the end of each day. But as life would have it? I couldn't have learned about reality, or have had my selfishness drowned out and erased, in any other way. This is my Doctorate program. Hopefully, someday, I'll graduate. But, I have a feeling it's a lifelong degree.

Here I sit, humbled by the PhD candidacy that is parenting. There is no university, no program, no book, no study that could teach me as much as I've learned in the last five years. About love. About life. About stories. About other people. About innate goodness. About the power of reaching out. About the danger of assuming that you understand a situation when you view it only from your perspective. About judgment. About forgiveness. About faith. About human nature.--Stacey from www.anymommyoutthere.com

Thursday, March 3, 2011

It's the little things...

Holy cow. This is really happening. Closing soon. Sooner than we thought. Just found out. (Aunt Joy, tell your husband that Zach will be calling him tomorrow!!! :) ).

Such a bittersweet time. We've moved through lots of different emotions with the kids, especially Leah. They've all arrived at the "this is exciting and fun! Let's move into Mama Dede's house!" stage ... so that's good. We've gotten to this point of acceptance. We have loved this little house well, and now it's time to pass it on. I brought my baby boys home to this house... lots of wonderful memories. But, bigger things await, dreams to chase, and now is our time. Taking a road trip with the kids soon to show them our new house. They will love it. I already dream of how to make it a home... it will be lovely!

Sigh. Time to pack.

It's time to move on... time to get goin'... what lies ahead I have no way of knowin'... but under my feet baby, the grass is growin'... yeah it's time to move on, time to get goin'...

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

help me define this:

Today it was around 50 degrees. Not too cold, but not exactly balmy. We went to get Leah from school, and Pete immediately changed into the above "outfit" (yes, that is a bathing suit).
Note other two children in proper clothing: (plus Sam's lovely arabesque)
I choose my battles. Pete's self-expression has never been one of them (as long as he's never disrespectful). Crazy kid :).