Tuesday, December 7, 2010

the color still makes me queasy, but...

We were not tarheel born or tarheel bred (we are demon deacons at heart!)... but when we die, we'll at least be partially tarheel dead! (that was an ode to the Carolina chant, for those of you who are confused ;).

I cannot even tell you how much thought, prayer, consideration, and conversations went into this really hard decision, but ultimately we feel called to CHAPEL HILL! Zach is THRILLED... that's where he wants to be... and so the journey begins!


  1. Thrilled for you and Zach (and still not a bad ride for us to come visit!)

  2. Exciting news!!! And so glad you have peace w the decision!! Something to celebrate! Congratulations!!!!!!

  3. Yay! I had a comment all written out and the internet swallowed it up and did not spit it out.


    Suffice to say, glad you guys reached your peaceful decision place, glad you get to start making plans, and thank you for your comment. Husband and I now wish we could have coffee with your folks and absorb some of their wisdom and experience.



  4. Yahooo! Chapel Hill is beautiful, from what I remember. I went there once. (to the bars, admittedly)

  5. congrats, that is awesome! i think yall will love it there, from what i hear :). yay!

    - evb

  6. As a Triangle resident and mom of three kids - including two from Ethiopia - welcome to the area! I know you aren't here yet, but you'll really like it, I think!

    We are in western Wake County, but I think you can find affordable housing in the outer parts of Orange County or in Durham County. The Farrington Road area is beautiful! That's where I'd look if I were headed to Chapel Hill. (We are a two-teacher family, so I know all about budget issues!)

    There are tons of families in this area with kids from Ethiopia, and we have periodic gatherings. In the spring, our friends Moges and Tenu will have all the families over to their home in Raleigh for good Ethiopian food and fellowship. I hope you'll be here then. (I'm going to have to reread.)


    Sarah C.
    mom to Mihret (age 15), Tsion (age 12), and Ezra (18 months)

  7. Also, I really think the Chapel Hill area is a better fit for a family like yours (and mine) than Greenville. Just going to go ahead and throw that out there... So...good call on UNC!

    Oh, fmrealty.com is my favorite real estate site for this area. It's addictive.

    Last comment for the night. I promise!
    Sarah C. (still the mom of Mihret, Tsion, and Ezra)

  8. I loved the 4 years we lived there!! Teaching there was great! Todd really enjoyed his time in Dental School. So exicted for you guys!! We might see you up there sometime. We have season tickets to the football games!