Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Breckenridge hiking

It has been 65 degrees during the day and 40's at night. Refreshing and crisp... that's the way every day feels! We have spotty internet, so I'll update from our hike two days ago and then fill you in on our incredible bike ride from yesterday. Our hike was up by Quandary, a 14,000 ft peak. We didn't force our kids to hike a 14er, but we did hike around it and up to an awesome pond/lake thing at the top. This was definitely one of our favorite hikes EVER. ever. Gorgeous!!! 

we drove up this little road to our trailhead

starting our big hike! 

working hard! 

yeah that made me a little nervous...

some fellow hikers took our picture! 

at the top(ish)...

we spent a long time just hanging out and playing next to the lake (note the dark clouds)

huge snow pile!


leah and mommy down there on the bottom left of the snow

this was much less dangerous than it looks! waterfall coming down from the lake

right after this we started hiking back down the mountain (about 1.5 miles down). with a mile left it started pouring rain and hail on us! it was fun and it hurt to be pelted over and over again with ice... and we were drenched when we got back to the car... the kids LOVED it though :). More soon!

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