Monday, June 25, 2012

Like I Said...

Really, truly, no time to blog.

Summer is kicking my "buttoosky" as my children say! Love my kids. Don't love summer. One particular child has a VERY hard time with no structure- I'm trying to provide it as best I can, but the nature of our lives right now is just kinda not stable. Zach was gone last weekend too, so I'm on week 2 of doing this mommy thing pretty much solo (props to all the single parents of the world- you are AMAZING). I'm tired, and I keep forgetting to upload pictures because, well, "if you don't have an iphone..." That being said, I do have Corona with Lime, thank the universe.

And, let's see... it's not that we haven't had plenty to do and blog about. The kids and their bff's set up an art gallery in our house and gave us a tour of their work, mostly of robots. That was adorable! We go to the pool and swim for hours a day, burning approximately eleventy billion calories, so I give them a lot of ice cream. It's delish. I've bought raw meat twice in two weeks, which is a miracle, because I hate buying/cooking meat and make Zach do it. But I did it, and wowed both my husband and bff. It's the little things. Also we spent the whole Saturday at the Museum of Life and Science in Durham and that was AWESOME and you should totally go someday. Loved it! Pete and I were quoted in the Durham paper the next day, talking about how much we love bubbles, because there was this whole amazing bubble/science exhibit. So Pete was "famous" and that made his Sunday :).

We're just chugging along, and I have a little work to do and not a lot of "free" time to do it, so that has presented a challenge. Running is happening inside b/c it's 1,000 degrees here, but I'm running 20 miles a week and feel great! Brooks sent me a "new runner's kit" and I died from happiness. I'm obsessed.

We're doing a lot of firefly chasing in the evenings, and a lot of praying for our friends out in Colorado dealing with nasty fires :(. My old hometown is surrounded by fire and the images are so scary.

I'm going to attempt to grow some tomato plants, but I think I've already killed them (this is not shocking. I am good at growing children and writing stories. Not good at growing anything meant to be stuck in the dirt).

We have about a week and a half until Zach is officially DONE with his first year of dental school. Then we play for awhile! Can't wait.

Real blog post with pictures coming soon- ciao!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Summer destroys my blogging habit

There are these little things in life, these little things that require massive amounts of attention and care and love and fun... especially in the Summer, with zero school structure... so while the rest of the world relaxes... the Stay At Home Mommy (who still has a couple odd jobs to do) is on her GAME! Full time mothering, baby! What are these complicated little things??? CHILDREN! And I have three, except one of my children equals three (PETER), so I actually have FIVE children... haha :).

Luckily my kids (who are balls of wild energy) have adjusted to summer and are pretty fun. The sibling rivalry has subsided a bit (it was in full swing as they adjusted to being around each other for every hour of every day). They are so good at just picking up and traveling to somewhere new, spontaneously. So this has been fun... lots of last-minute little trips to stay entertained, awed, and excited over the summer. We've done day trips around the state, beach trips, and will head west for a couple of weeks coming up. Back to my favorite place in the world... The place we'd love to live for a few years. Sigh. We shall see.

This past weekend was fun... full of a trip to the Zoo, pool time, running time with my girl Jodi, Father's Day wings (on the grill... this is what he wanted... grossss), rice crispy treats (yum), fun with friends stopping by, fun with next-door neighbors and birthday parties. Life is racing by, and I'm just trying to hold on- my biggest wish is to help my kids have a secure, fun, happy childhood where they learn a ton, learn to love others well, and to reach for their dreams. I just hope that whatever I'm doing as a mom doesn't screw them up and send them to therapy! Which means I should stop blogging for today and go find them... :)

Off to the pool. I have no recent pictures due to forgetting to charge the camera battery (must do that now). Busy week ahead... and hopefully a working camera to capture it!

Friday, June 15, 2012

theme song?

Hi friends,
Hope your week has gone well!
Ours has been eventful- Zach with 3 exams, so the kids and I took off to see family for a couple of days. It's good to spice things up! Got to see a few friends, too :). Sometimes I really miss our home, and sometimes I'm delighted to be somewhere else and hope to explore more, and go farther... the good news is that wherever we settle in a few years, we can travel travel travel the world, as much as we want to. There is so much to see! So much to do! So much to give!

Happy Friday! I'm thinking this should be "Traveling With Mercy's" theme song... love their version! And my one of my fav blogs, Girls Gone Child, featured this recently... enjoy...

Monday, June 11, 2012

This Race Blows! Race recap!

No really... This Race Blows was the real name! It was to "blow away cystic fibrosis" and I do believe we did some damage to that wicked disease, raising a lot of money! The organizers of the race did a fantastic job and we all had a great time.

Here are some pics of us getting ready for the race... I need to get my friends to send me pics during/after the race, but here's what I took at home:

getting their game faces ready


the ladies

girls rule! 

why did I have to make that face? eyes crossed, tongue out. Really? 
We started with the 1-mile fun run for the kids... they all had a great time, sort of. Pete sprinted the whole thing and did amazingly well... Sam and his bff Gavin walked and held hands and giggled and danced around the whole time, and Leah wanted me to run with her b/c she was so nervous, so I did. She ran 1/2 the mile and then started crying because of a cramp, so we walked, and then she tried to run and cramped more, and cried more. I was trying to encourage her to cross the finish (which she did), but I'm pretty sure I looked like a psycho mom abusing my daughter into running... I totally wasn't! I swear! She wanted to finish so she did, just sobbing. Great. Another awesome parenting moment in the books ;-). But, the kids all got medals, so it was worth it, apparently :).

Once that was over, we checked all the kids into childcare (we were running with our bff's, Brian and Taryn), and we started for our start line. I'm not gonna lie, running a race at 7:30 in the evening on a HOT day is weird. I didn't eat anything after 12:30, but I drank a lot (of water, ahem) to stay hydrated. I had a few sips of a gatorade-type thing before the race, and that was a BAD idea. I didn't have to pee, but I cramped and had "sloshy tummy" which is seriously the worst thing ever when you're running in general, and especially if you want to run fast. I think I was adequately hydrated, so next time I'll avoid those last few sips before a race.

The race itself was fun! I was happy with my pace- I averaged 8:25 per mile. I was beating all my buddies until the very end, when my ANNOYING husband, running his first race ever, who I had been solidly out-running the entire time, came sprinting up and then sprinting past me in the last 1/3 mile. He finished in 25:45, and I finished in 26:08. Couldn't make my legs catch him!!!!! Oh well, I was proud :). Zach came it 40th out of 217 runners overall, 32nd out of 94 men, and 13th out of 33 runners in his age group (31-40).

I think if it hadn't been so hot and I hadn't had the cramp/sloshing, I could have run faster. I'm a morning runner so that different time messed with me. But it was a great learning experience! I came in 7th out of 51 for my age group (31-40) and, let me point out, I beat the WINNER of the 16-20 year old females by a solid minute. Just sayin'. I think I was 10th out of all 123 women and 48th out of all 217 runners. Feeling pretty good about that for my 2nd race! I'm not a fan of the 5k distance and would much rather run longer and slower, but it was good to try and I'll definitely do more.

So that's that. I'll have more pictures soon! In the meantime I'll be on full-time mommy duty while Zach survives this hellish dental school week. Lots and lots of hard exams. I'm calling in the back-up troops (my sisters, parents, in-laws...). I LOVE my kids but we all need a little support sometimes! My kids and I will like each other better and have way more fun with our big fam helping us stay sane while daddy is deep in the books. Have a great week!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

the adventures continued

Zach and I have become professional moochers. Is that a word? I think it is. We don't mean to be moochers, but people keep inviting us to their awesome digs at the beach, and we can't say no! Plus they are our friends, and we love hangin' with our friends, so... time at the beach + time with friends = unintentional mooching greatness.

This particular mooch happened at Oak Island, NC, which is another gorgeous and spectacular beach near Wilmington. Zach's classmate Annie and her husband Eric (and Annie's parents) invited us down to their condo for Memorial Day weekend. We had incredible weather and ridiculous amounts of beach time, which is never a bad thing!

Saturday night we went out to this awesome Italian restaurant in SouthPorte. Slice of heaven! 

Annie and the kids on the dock

Not sure who Pete is shooting here... should be the alligator... 

this was my lobster ravioli. Are you kidding me? perfection. 

Annie's crab cakes. Delish! 

Of course we got ice cream afterwards, just to get this smile! 

we hit the beach in the morning... 

and then the sand castle/sculpture wars began! (this is the girls team)

the boys team (my boys with Annie's husband, Erik)

meanwhile, Zach gained more dental wisdom from Annie's dad, Dr. Gane

and the doggies napped... 

Sam fell more in love with Erik, his new bff

Boys' castle! 

I think Annie's getting tired... 

finally done! 

time for a swim! 

nothing better than post-beach-nap hair

we all felt like this after playing hard at the beach! 
So that was last last weekend. This actual past weekend was normal, with lots of studying and doing errands. Not quite as glamorous ;-). This week has been nutty, hence the lack of blogging- having the kids home mean my work load just increased by 100%! We're having fun (I'm not really having that much fun- that's a lie. I love my kids but they are not meant to be home all day. i love school. i love teachers. i love short breaks. i do not love long summers. end confession.) and staying busy with "morning work" to keep their little minds learning, lots of pool time, and running. The kids are running a 1-mile fun run this weekend, and the grown-ups are running a 5k for Cystic Fibrosis fundraising! I ran 3 on Monday and 5 yesterday, and my foot feels great, thank goodness. Hope to have a fun time with friends during the race! Hopefully someone will take lots of pics with their phone and send them to me, because I won't be lugging my camera around, and... if you don't have an iphone... you don't have instagram ;-). Oh well!

Hope you all have had a fantastic week!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

becca not running = mean person.

If you think I'm strange for running: skip this post.
If you're looking for support/community/whatever in your own running/exercise life or are just curious, read on...
I haven't run for about 1.5 weeks.
If anyone out there understands that "runner's high" thing, then you get why I'm the grumpiest person on the planet. There are MUCH WORSE world problems to be dealing with, of course, but sometimes my little world runs (no pun intended) much more smoothly when Mama gets to run. Add that to being a female, and I'm moooooody!
But in the long run (haha, there's that pun again), this hiatus will be worth it. I am frustrated that I got injured, and frustrated that it could have been avoided.
For awhile I thought I had a stress fracture, but after being evaluated by an Exercise Physiologist (who has her master's and knows her stuff... trains tons of runners and knows exactly how to evaluate form, etc), it looks more like a tendonitis around my big toe. All brought on (most likely) by being fitted with the wrong shoes! FIRST WORLD PROBLEM ALERT! Yes, totally annoying to complain about the wrong running shoes, but hey, a lot of pain resulted in that little problem. So with my "expert" Jodi helping me through the injury and evaluating my weird feet, we researched some good shoe options. I had been put in a neutral shoe, when I need more of a guidance/stability shoe due to flat feet and overpronation especially on my right foot (where my tendon is killing me). Armed with lots of knew knowledge (and a half-numb foot from icing it so much), I went to the store and tried on/ran in a billion pairs of shoes, and after an hour, I think I found a good stability shoe that is still light and fast- Brooks Ravenna (sp?) 3. I wanted flexibility AND stability and this seems to do the trick. They will let me take the shoes back of I have pain again in a few weeks, so I'm happy with that!
After almost 2 weeks of just biking, I'm close to being pain-free, and I'm sooo much happier with having answers and exercises to do and knowing I'm on the road to recovery. I'll start running (walk/run intervals) again on Monday!
I have a charity 5K next Saturday, so I'll just be running for fun and not trying to "race" like I wanted to. Zach and my bff Taryn are running too, and they both want to just enjoy it, so I'll have company :). The kids are doing a 1 mile fun run! Leah is SO excited about this :).
Here's to a new start and hopefully no more injured feet!
And a happier mommy, happier wife, happier everything...
(see the theme? take care of yourself and the ripples will move slowly but surely into serving others better... you can do this!)