Thursday, July 19, 2012

best bike ride ever.

a few days ago (I've lost track) we rented some bikes from a company in Keystone and they drove us up to Vail Pass. We rode our bikes for 12 miles from the Eagle County line all the way to Dillon. Leah wiped out near the beginning and skinned her knee pretty badly, but she was tough and rode on! We had the BEST time... I felt like I was in a dream while we rode. Serious beauty all around us! 

About to start! Sammy rode the tandem bike attached to Zach's bike.

looking back

going forward (check out the little river to the right- gorgeous)


the path went along the lake

almost done with our ride! 

we finished at this playground... about which leah declared "Even the playgrounds are better in Colorado"... sigh... 
And yes, we went under a shelter while that big thunderstorm rolled through!


  1. i need to do this! what a great trip yall are having :).

  2. This looks like so much fun!

    We just bought a tiny-kid trailer that hooks on a big bike, and Audrey spent the entire ride declaring, "I want out! I want to walk nicely!" Durrrr.