Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Well then.

trying to keep the blog afloat!
I've been treading water.
No really- literally. Treading water. That's all I do all day. Go in the water with children, because it's 1000000 degrees and our AC is broken! has been for a f*&#ing week!!!! DEEP BREEEEEEATHING!
I also got stung by a bee (or wasp?) during a run and my arm was the size of Long Island for a few days. But life is good... really good... t-minus 6 days before I board a plane and we're "off" for a few weeks... wooooo!
Here are some pictures for all two of you to enjoy... happy summer!
Remember that "art gallery" I mentioned a post or two back? Here is part of it... 

Here is the the art gallery seating area... apparently this is a dangerous place...

I'm the worst photog ever, but here is my attempt at capturing fireflies... can you see the little yellow spots? Our yard sparkles at dusk... 

morning light




Pete's practicing his flips! 

High Dive... daredevil! 

Daredevil #2! 

Sammy is ROCKIN' the swimming this year... he's come so far! 

Last weekend we headed out to the OBX with our friends the Duncs... This is Pea Island, our own little slice of heaven 

Boogie Boards! 



fun in the sun! 

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  1. Ha! I love Zach's concentration face. For realsies. When you guys are back from your tour of the world, holler at yer sisterwife. I want to visit.