Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Last Colorado days...

We're home from our epic adventure now.... feeling a little blue to not be traveling the country, but good to be home, too! The Olympics makes everything more fun, anyway...

I'll blog about the beach and our wonderful time in Atlanta, but first I wanted to document our last days in Colorado. A part of my heart will ALWAYS live in the Rockies... We headed down to Colorado Springs to see my parents' good friend, Rhonda, and her grandsons. She still lives in the area where I spent part of my childhood, and THIS view was very scary to see. That entire range is burned to a crisp, and this was taken from Rhonda's back deck! The fire was only a few blocks away.

the charred remains of trees on the foothills

you can see Pikes Peak peaking out from behind the burned ridges

We were humbled by the burned hills but celebrated Rhonda and Jonathan's home being saved... with popsicles! 

cute picture :)

their massive dog Cooper wanted in on the pics

After saying goodbye to the boys and Rhonda, we drove down where Flying W Ranch was, as well as the Mountain Shadows neighborhood. Entire blocks of houses were gone. 

You can see the burned trees and the remaining house foundations. 
It was really sad to see the destruction of that vicious fire and how it has affected so many lives. Our thoughts and prayers remain with the people in Colorado who lost their homes and belongings... No words could adequately capture what it looked like out there. Best wishes for recovery and rebuilding.

After visiting the Springs, we headed back to my Aunt's house in Denver to rest and do laundry and pack pack pack. We flew home the next day, stayed in NC for 13 hours, and then drove to the beach in SC! Crazy July... just the way we wanted it to be :). More to come!

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