Sunday, July 15, 2012


Boulder is such a great place... we LOVE venturing up there when we can. We had less time to spend there this year, but had to make it work so that we could meet my friend Bridget's new little boy, and to connect with my cousin Amanda who just happened to be visiting from Boston at the same time! I haven't seen my cousin in years, so it was wonderful to see her and meet her husband, Dan. It was too hot to hike so we just hung out around town. 

the lovely Bridget and her precious son! We met them for Bagels :). 

Then we traveled over to Pearl Street to partake in the water fun! 


cooling off! 

We said goodbye to our friends and hung out with some street performers. Pete was riveted with this guitar player. Dude was pretty good! 

Then the cousins reunited! Me looking really weird, Amanda looking really cute! 

Amanda and her sweet husband, Dan

We all had yummy lunch at our favorite burrito place, Illegal Pete's

...And cooled off some more with snow cones... 

The kids had to show Amanda and Dan the water fountains! 
We had such a wonderful day. Yesterday was spent driving up to the mountains and getting settled here, where it is a cool 65 degrees during the day and 40's at night! We had a breathtaking (and hard!) hike today and lots of (heated) pool and hot tub time... love spending time with my wee little family up here. More soon!

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