Thursday, July 12, 2012

Rocky Mountain Hiiiiiiiigh

Hello from Colorado!
Zach is DONE with his 1st year of dental school. DONE. So how do we celebrate? fly to out to Colorado mere HOURS after he finishes his last exam... yeah... we're all a little exhausted.
We got here on Tuesday after an epic stay at the Atlanta Airport, all because our lovely NC flight crew decided to be 2 hours late... so then we were late... whatever! We got here! After settling in with my Aunt and Uncle (who are awesome), we had a fabulous day one! We spent the morning hiking the bluffs near my aunt's house and then we drove up to Red Rocks after lunch. Aaaaaah Colorado.
the bluffs with aunt Sally and her doggy... can't see her here though?!?

overlooking part of the town

Pete with the hazy mountains... the mountains are rarely this hazy but with the fires and heat, the air isn't as clear :(

hiking... beautiful! 

Sammy (with his transformers, which must go on every hike)

At the top of Red Rocks! 

watch out

Cool kids! 

After coming home and making dinner, we headed to the park to play! 

My Aunt and Uncle

Sunset over the distant Rockies
Stay tuned for news from today... pretty hilarious... it might involve us being chased by Elk...

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