Friday, February 4, 2011

I take that "dumb" thing back...

that cleaning thing actually paid off, so I'd like to apologize to cleaning for calling it dumb. It's not. It actually makes people like your house so much that two couples want it and there is a fun little bidding war.
Less than a week after putting it on the market.
Which is insane.
Realtor on her way. Offer accepted. Signing papers. Closing soon.
I'm in SHOCK.
OF course I won't completely breath until we actually close, because I'm not completely naive.
While I usually shy away from "religious speak" because it annoys me and seems so cliche half the time, I'm going to tell you what my best friend's mom said.
So I called my friend, and her mom answered. I love her mom. This family has taken us in as there "own"... so now we have lots of families who love us, which is so incredible.
Anyway, her mom answered and I told her about all the showings.
And she said,
"but Becca! Don't you realize? The Good Lord has been watching over you this entire time! Of course people love your house!"
and she said it in the most pure, non-religiousy way you could possibly imagine.
It made me cry, of course.
Because she is completely right.
I take no credit for this.
And I humbly bow
In thanks and gratitude,
for the mercy we've been shown
once again.


  1. Yay! Yay! Yay! Good job for putting in all that hard work!

  2. WHOA! That is incredible, what a blessing to have that stress possibly fall off your shoulders.

  3. Becca, cleaning is still dumb. It is just that God is super-awesome. I'm really happy for you, but I have to admit I had no doubt it would play out this way. :)