Sunday, July 8, 2012

cousin loooove

Next time I post, I will be far, far away from this HOT, humid, backwards place. I really like it more that that... but right now, I need to LEAVE. GO WEST!

Anyway, we did have a week of exile from our rental house which is ANNOYING but again, FIRST WORLD PROBLEM so I'll promptly shut up. We're lucky to have my parents' house to crash which is about an hour away. So far enough away from our regular life to need to completely pack up and do other things. HARD to leave your stuff, routine, husband who has to stay elsewhere closer to school, etc, etc, but whatever. We're back and now packing packing packing!!!! the blessing of being at my parents was getting to see cousins!!!! Here's a glimpse...
Aunt Joy brought Cousin Henry by for a visit! 

They had fun on the longboard and luckily no one needed stitches... 

we got to see my niece Laela too! woohoo! 

she's hilarious! 

the girls 
As usual, because I'm the last person on earth without an iphone, I failed to capture pictures of 4th of July and fireworks, which we got to see at the Country Club in my parent's city. Good times had by all! My parents were missing, visiting my bro and fam in Missouri, but my other brother, sis-in-law, Laela, and my other sisters took over the house and had a good party anyway! Zach was able to come up from school so that was an added bonus :).

And now we are one exam away from some traveling FUN. I'm so so so ready!!! Hope to be able to "blog from the field"... hahaha... I'm so official, in my head... :)

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  1. You are not the last person without an iPhone! I don't have one either, and I'm really not sad about it. (Although I am a little jealous of all those cool photos people take with them.) Enjoy your trip West!