Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Last Colorado days...

We're home from our epic adventure now.... feeling a little blue to not be traveling the country, but good to be home, too! The Olympics makes everything more fun, anyway...

I'll blog about the beach and our wonderful time in Atlanta, but first I wanted to document our last days in Colorado. A part of my heart will ALWAYS live in the Rockies... We headed down to Colorado Springs to see my parents' good friend, Rhonda, and her grandsons. She still lives in the area where I spent part of my childhood, and THIS view was very scary to see. That entire range is burned to a crisp, and this was taken from Rhonda's back deck! The fire was only a few blocks away.

the charred remains of trees on the foothills

you can see Pikes Peak peaking out from behind the burned ridges

We were humbled by the burned hills but celebrated Rhonda and Jonathan's home being saved... with popsicles! 

cute picture :)

their massive dog Cooper wanted in on the pics

After saying goodbye to the boys and Rhonda, we drove down where Flying W Ranch was, as well as the Mountain Shadows neighborhood. Entire blocks of houses were gone. 

You can see the burned trees and the remaining house foundations. 
It was really sad to see the destruction of that vicious fire and how it has affected so many lives. Our thoughts and prayers remain with the people in Colorado who lost their homes and belongings... No words could adequately capture what it looked like out there. Best wishes for recovery and rebuilding.

After visiting the Springs, we headed back to my Aunt's house in Denver to rest and do laundry and pack pack pack. We flew home the next day, stayed in NC for 13 hours, and then drove to the beach in SC! Crazy July... just the way we wanted it to be :). More to come!

Friday, July 27, 2012


We have landed ourselves, without kids (who are still at the beach with the grandparents), in Atlanta! This is a cool city. A hot, cool city. Georgia is our 4th state in 3 weeks. We're here for the wedding of our beloved friend Greg, and Zach is a groomsman. So he's doing wedding stuff right now, and I'm painting my nails and catching up on this blog. Only $12.95 for 24 hours of internet access at this hotel. I think that's weird? like we're paying a motherload to stay here, so you can't give me free internet access? mmmmkay.

Anyway, I wanted to show you a few more pictures from Breckenridge! Here they are...

Zach took the big kids up to the Adventure Park, so mommy and Sammy walked into town and had a donut date! 

Then we rode the gondola up to see them! 

Zach and Leah on the Alpine Slide! 

There goes Pete! 

Sammy gets a turn...

Then Leah and I took a hike up a ski slope with Aunt Sally and Uncle Steve

Uncle Steve checking out the snow pile

dirty snow hike! 

goofy Leah with a stunning background

Leah takes a pony ride! 

and Pete climbs the rock wall... 

almost to the top! 
We had one more day of fun in Colorado Springs after leaving Breckenridge. We're cherishing our memories of Colorado and miss it already! More pictures to come...

Off to do more wedding prep! And maybe buy a cupcake at this awesome bakery across the street...

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

we are here*

... at the beach in SC. It is beautiful- last night we had a lightening storm and over the water it looked like the best fireworks show ever. The weather has been amazing- it is currently raining but looks to clear up.

this is what we do when Zach has a break. We leave. Our gypsy spirits are allowed to roam for awhile. Colorado was incredible as usual, and the rest of the pictures will be up soon! My computer houses those pics and it's acting wacky, so I'll have to take care of that later.

We have one more stop on our traveling tour before we arrive home. It will be spectacular :).

By the way, don't ever take 13 days off of running. Even when you're biking and hiking like a crazy person, your running fitness goes down the drain. the heat here doesn't help! I ran 3.2 on Sunday, 3.5 on Monday, walked 4 on Tuesday, and ran 5 today. I finally felt like my legs knew what to do today. The first two days felt like I'd never run at all! So strange. Glad to be back at it!

Off to chase my kids on the beach and enjoy this life! I sincerely hope all of you are doing well. All 3 of you still reading :).

Thursday, July 19, 2012

best bike ride ever.

a few days ago (I've lost track) we rented some bikes from a company in Keystone and they drove us up to Vail Pass. We rode our bikes for 12 miles from the Eagle County line all the way to Dillon. Leah wiped out near the beginning and skinned her knee pretty badly, but she was tough and rode on! We had the BEST time... I felt like I was in a dream while we rode. Serious beauty all around us! 

About to start! Sammy rode the tandem bike attached to Zach's bike.

looking back

going forward (check out the little river to the right- gorgeous)


the path went along the lake

almost done with our ride! 

we finished at this playground... about which leah declared "Even the playgrounds are better in Colorado"... sigh... 
And yes, we went under a shelter while that big thunderstorm rolled through!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Breckenridge hiking

It has been 65 degrees during the day and 40's at night. Refreshing and crisp... that's the way every day feels! We have spotty internet, so I'll update from our hike two days ago and then fill you in on our incredible bike ride from yesterday. Our hike was up by Quandary, a 14,000 ft peak. We didn't force our kids to hike a 14er, but we did hike around it and up to an awesome pond/lake thing at the top. This was definitely one of our favorite hikes EVER. ever. Gorgeous!!! 

we drove up this little road to our trailhead

starting our big hike! 

working hard! 

yeah that made me a little nervous...

some fellow hikers took our picture! 

at the top(ish)...

we spent a long time just hanging out and playing next to the lake (note the dark clouds)

huge snow pile!


leah and mommy down there on the bottom left of the snow

this was much less dangerous than it looks! waterfall coming down from the lake

right after this we started hiking back down the mountain (about 1.5 miles down). with a mile left it started pouring rain and hail on us! it was fun and it hurt to be pelted over and over again with ice... and we were drenched when we got back to the car... the kids LOVED it though :). More soon!

Sunday, July 15, 2012


Boulder is such a great place... we LOVE venturing up there when we can. We had less time to spend there this year, but had to make it work so that we could meet my friend Bridget's new little boy, and to connect with my cousin Amanda who just happened to be visiting from Boston at the same time! I haven't seen my cousin in years, so it was wonderful to see her and meet her husband, Dan. It was too hot to hike so we just hung out around town. 

the lovely Bridget and her precious son! We met them for Bagels :). 

Then we traveled over to Pearl Street to partake in the water fun! 


cooling off! 

We said goodbye to our friends and hung out with some street performers. Pete was riveted with this guitar player. Dude was pretty good! 

Then the cousins reunited! Me looking really weird, Amanda looking really cute! 

Amanda and her sweet husband, Dan

We all had yummy lunch at our favorite burrito place, Illegal Pete's

...And cooled off some more with snow cones... 

The kids had to show Amanda and Dan the water fountains! 
We had such a wonderful day. Yesterday was spent driving up to the mountains and getting settled here, where it is a cool 65 degrees during the day and 40's at night! We had a breathtaking (and hard!) hike today and lots of (heated) pool and hot tub time... love spending time with my wee little family up here. More soon!