Thursday, May 30, 2013

school's out fo' summa

my kids have been out of school since the beginning of last week, which means zero bloggin' time for mama. We've had a packed few weeks... I'll try to document here over the next few days! Competing for my time: online student loan applications for school. Scary!!!

So let's focus on happy thoughts. Today I'll share some pictures from Leah's class picnic, at her classmate's farm. Living in the country means the kids do country things, like go to farms for class picnics. I'm telling you, it's gorgeous around here! I miss our old, more urban neighborhood and city a lot sometimes, but this is a great experience for all of us... so pretty around here.
see the crowd under the trees on the right? Such a wonderful picnic

one of the barns (cows, goats, chickens)

tractor rides for the third graders :)

Then then all wrote wishes in lanterns... 

and sent them to the heavens! 


red barn... love it

Once I get my student loans applied for, I'll add more stories from the past two weeks. My kids got big awards in school, Sam graduated from preschool, my sister graduated from college... big times! Oh... and the pool is OPEN... thank goodness! 

Monday, May 20, 2013

field day

As a kid, this was my least favorite day. I never felt all that athletic and really didn't want to put my lack of talent on display for my peers to mock (I rode horses and danced and ran. that's it... anything involving moving round objects or obstacles never worked out too well). Also, during a relay race in first grade, a girl broke her arm right in front of me. I remember it so clearly. I didn't bother me (bodes well for my future in nursing), but it certainly shocked me. I remember my dad running over, and she looked up and said, calmly, "I broke my arm." And my dad said "yup. you did." And I just stood there shocked that the kid wasn't crying.

Anyway, my kids had field day and I totally loved watching them. Leah felt more like I did as a kid... not that interested, but she was still brave and did some of the games (and hid behind a tree or a parent for the games she didn't want to play). As you may have guessed, Pete was PSYCHED about the entire thing and claims to have "won" field day. Trying to get my kid to be LESS confident sometimes...
ready to launch

according to him, he is winning field day! 

boundless energy

chasing something

aaaand there's leah, hiding by my friend (her bff's mama), Miss K :)

The weather was sunny and cool and perfect... a rare occurrence in May, when it's usually getting hot and unbearably humid... it was a fun day to spend with my big kids, even if I had a little PTSD from my past field days... ;)

Friday, May 17, 2013

May for the win!

May is crazy. CRAZY. But so chock full of fun that I haven't been here. Sorry to my dad and grandparents and three other friends who look at this blog. Here are a bunch of photos from my phone!
(I'm done with school! woohoo! and ready for the big nursing school this August. Kids done next week- summer is here!)

I've lost track of time... let's see... a couple weeks ago we celebrated at my sister's wedding shower on a very un-May day! It was 65 and raining. So so cold, but that didn't dampen the fun! The day before that we ran the Race for the Cure in honor of my survivor mom. It was freeeezing and I didn't run fast. Oh well.
race day... COLD! 

Leah got my phone... 

Sam and his rainbow :)

Pete took pics of Bella, my dog-niece :)

Hannah, me, and Ginna trying to stay warm!! 

gift time! 


more sweet friends

family! and friends

cousins :)

haha! gift in diaper box... her future? 

And then we threw Leah's dance recital in there a few days later, just to keep things interesting (she did fabulously well, of course).

More soon... my sister graduates from College this weekend, kids are done mid-week... and bam! Time for doctors appointments, pool time, wedding, travel... YAAAY summer! 

Thursday, May 9, 2013

sunshine on my shoulders

I just realized I can't live in the PNW. So sad. I'll just visit. But lordy, it's been raining here for days and days and days and NOW it's SUNNY!
This past weekend was awesome. We ran the the Race for the Cure in honor of my breast-cancer-crushing mom (even though I ran sloow at 28 minutes for a 5k which for me is ridiculous but remember that whole thing about being sick for months? so I guess that's not so bad), AND got a pedicure with my sis-in-law and sister, AND celebrated at my sister's wedding shower!!! It was a wonderful weekend, one during which I should have studied more...
tomorrow at 8am is my FINAL for Anatomy and Physiology. I'm not ready at all, but I can get a 17 and still get an A for the class. That is bad for motivation, y'all.
I'll post pictures of the weekend once this pesky little test is out of the way.
I can't believe I'm done with pre-req's and heading to nursing school! I bought some used scrubs from graduating student yesterday (we have to wear scrubs issued by the university), so it's feeling REAL now. What a journey it's been! I'm really excited to start.
Here's a perfect sunshiney song for you... Thanks form showing up, Spring!

Thursday, May 2, 2013


Merlefest is a big ol' music festival here in NC started by the late Doc Watson in honor of his son Merle. We here in NC love bluegrass, and country or alternative or any kind of musicians raised in NC usually have a bit of bluegrass/folk influence in their writing. To me, this sounds like "home." We couldn't make it up to Wilksboro this year... we live a bit too far east and we're in the midst of tests (well, I am. I have a lab practical, my FINAL one, in an hour. I should be studying and not putting this video up on my blog. Whatevs).

So to mark this missing of the Avett Brothers (born and raised outside of Charlotte), I will post this incredible, signature NC spring-rain-soaked concert video that someone posted on FB that made me so very happy... at least I could experience it through the internet :).

Happy May! And happy birthday to my awesome dad!!