Sunday, July 31, 2011

we are almost home...

Hey friends!
Quick update... we returned to our temporary home from the beach on Saturday... the plan was to pick up our moving truck, load it, and then move to our new town on Sunday (and unload the truck, unpack, etc, etc...). Soooo, we show up at the truck rental place, but they have no truck for us. We had the dern thing rented a month ago, and had a lovely confirmation email, etc, etc, but they just did. not. have. a. truck. Sorry, nothing we can do to help you.

So we didn't have any way to execute our plan. Annoying. But, it's almost nice to know that there is absolutely nothing you can do to change the situation. No rental truck company, anywhere on the planet, had a truck for us this weekend. I did have flashbacks to living in Romania for a summer (what, you rent de truck? you pay for de truck? you expect de truck? no, no truck for you!). Ah, the memories.

Annnyway, good things come to those who wait, or at least those who don't burn down truck dealerships when they want to. Tonight we got the call the a truck was FINALLY available, so our move will happen, just a couple days later. Bring on the sore arms...

My next post will be brought to you from our new home. Exciting and hard to believe that this time has finally arrived!!! I can't wait to get settled and start the actual school part of this journey. I'm a little worried about the finances, but my bff who lives just down the road has a big pantry, so we'll never starve... we're the lucky ones...

In the meantime, enjoy these pics... we had a photo shoot for the ONE campaign as a follow-up to my parents' work with the organization. Speaking of ONE, please go HERE to give generously towards feeding programs happening RIGHT NOW to address the famine in East Africa. People... mothers, kids, fathers... just like you and me, are desperate for food. Read more about the crisis at Don't ignore this... let's treat our neighbors as we would want to be treated... we CAN make a difference!!!

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