Wednesday, July 6, 2011

leavin' on a jet plane

while it's true that we're moving very soon,
we decided it necessary to take a little vacay to celebrate Zach's unemployment. You know, since we have a lot of money now that the income has officially stopped (save for my income of $2 a year for being a social worker. A damn good one, too. You're welcome). Oh, and also, we'll be living off of student loans for four years. Sometimes you gotta live some life though. So off we go to see something wonderful!

Before we leave in just a few short hours, we had to get a sick kid well, attempt to keep the other kids well, and hug some necks that we are really going to miss (ashley... that would be you). We also fit in a little Taylor Swift concert with our friends, the Honeybadgers (aka my sisterwife Alli and her adorable son Julian (and yes, i have a crush on Taylor. because i'm the mom of a girl who has a crush on her. and she's freakin awesome! the concert was sheer genius, I'm telling you. I was completely shocked)). also we celebrated the lovely 4th of July holiday, but via the television, due to thunderstorms. (thank you pbs for airing the partay in washington DC. it was awesome). and also, i need to pack. a lot. of sh*t. excuse my language, por favor.

We may or may not be going here for about 2 weeks.
We have been there before, about 4 years ago... and the first half of my childhood was close to here.... so I get to show my kids this little slice of my past that they've never seen. Plus, it's amazing, and it's time they see real mountains, y'all.
The three little kids in this picture are ready to fly like balloons over many states...

Off we go! See you back here soon! (hopefully I'll be able to "blog from the field"... :)


  1. Not quite west enough! Have fun!

  2. Have a great time!!! We wish you the best trip and a smooth move for the kiddos!