Monday, July 11, 2011

Red Rocks

the adventure continues!
today I'll write about yesterday, and tomorrow I'll write about today. all clear?
Okay, so yesterday we hiked Red Rocks and saw the incredible amphitheatre and the VIEWS. Oh my. It just doesn't get old!

(not sure who that dude is next to Z. but I liked that purple plant.)

pete was checkin' out the dirt.

once we climbed up the steps, we stopped and watched the millions (maybe hundreds) of people exercising here like maniacs. I mean what??? here we are at eleventybillion feet and they are sprinting up the steps and doing hundreds of squats. this was slightly beyond normal. inspiring, but i was happy to sit back and watch :).
apparently the Avett Brothers played here the night before last, and last night was Sarah McClachlan! I would loooove to come back someday and see a show. Hello, Bono? yes, it's me, Becca. meet me at Red Rocks soon. xoxo.

We wrapped up the day at City Park in Denver, with some fun friends from back east who have settled here... and they cooked for us! it was a grand time. Thanks Sameer and Erin!

Today was faaaabulous. I will write about that tomorrow, just before we drive to another fun location. We got to meet a fellow Ethio adoptive parent and her precious daughter. We got to meet them! In! Real! Life! and they are simply wonderful.
stay tuned... see you soon!

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  1. sameer made your blog! and addison's arm! we are famous now :). had fun seeing you guys! enjoy the rest of the trip, wooooo.