Thursday, July 21, 2011

Colorado Springs part 2

The next day we headed out to the United States Air Force Academy, where my dad worked on base for 4 years. I've been back before, but my kids have never seen the amazing school and it's architecture. They were enthralled! I was enthralled with this sign, and I'm going to blow this up and frame it for my new house:
We Will Not Lie, Steal, or Cheat, Nor Tolerate Among Us Anyone Who Does. {added by becca for emphasis: "BOOYAH."}
The Air Force Chapel. Incredible.

The drive from USAFA to Garden of the Gods. My dad drove this every day, so I took a picture for him. Pikes Peak :).

Pete was done with the heat and brightness of the day. But he got over it after this picture, and decided the huge red rocks were pretty cool.

climbing skillz!
We had a blast! I hated the heat (it was HOT), but appreciated the lack of humidity and lovely breeze. Very helpful Colorado... thank you. A tour of my old neighborhood... coming up tomorrow :).

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