Thursday, July 28, 2011


We got to give another baby shower! You may recall that we were able to give my sister-in-law Lorin a baby shower at the beginning of this month... well, I was super sad to not be able to throw a big shower for my other sis-in-law, Ginna, because she and my brother live in Alaska. Then I remembered that they would be at the beach with us this year, so I couldn't resist! We came together and pulled off a very fun surprise shower for sweet Ginna... and had a blast celebrating her baby girl... yes, ANOTHER niece for me to spoil!!!

Love her surprised face :)

the girls! we're ALL together for the first time in a year... me, my three sisters, two sisters-in-law, their growing baby girls, MY baby girl, and my mom!
Sammy was pumped about some cake...
opening gifts...

The cute parents-to-be (that's my baby brother :)...
When you have a huge family, it's TOTALLY possible to pull off a big shower without inviting any extra friends :). Congrats Tyler and Ginna! We're so thrilled for you!

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