Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Mt Royal...

We've landed ourselves in the Frisco area of the lovely Colorado! we're at about 9,600 feet, and it feels divine... in the upper 60's during the day. We decided to conquer Mt. Royal today, and we climbed to 10,500 feet. The kids were amazing once again, although Sammy had a little help this time :). The trails on this one were straight up- this was our steepest trail yet, and almost 2 miles UP. My legs hurt... and on the way down was almost worse! But it was worth it, for sure.

We climbed to some amazing views pretty quickly.
that's Frisco below...

and then we made it to the top. Luckily the kids were more interested in the cool rocks than in looking over that extreme cliff on the left. Yah, that wasn't fun for me to have three kids playing next to. Nope.

Then Zach left for what was supposed to be 5 minutes on a more treacherous part of the trail... to see more views. Which were awesome. What wasn't awesome was waiting an extra 15 minutes for him to return. I had no idea where he was... couldn't see him... couldn't hear him... kids started crying... I thought he'd fallen off the mountain. Great. Now I know that if he falls off a mountain, I will freaking KILL him for stressing me out like that. Grrrrr.

Once he returned and I yelled at him for awhile, we all felt better. We've been swimming in the hot tubs and having a grand time checking out the towns around here... LOVE it. love it love it love it. Don't want to leave!!! You should visit here.
tata for now... new adventures await!


  1. i want to get rich and get a condo in frisco! love it there. and such a great location for skiing :). man, i need to hike more. i moved out here for mountains and we keep forgetting to hike! glad yall are having an awesome time!

  2. This made me laugh. Sorry. It's the same sort of thing that would happen in our marriage. Except I would get mad earlier and leave without him and then yell. Plus, my Dad did this when we were kids and we were the freaking out kids. NOT FUN. Feel guilty Zach, your kids will remember that FOREVER.... :)