Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Yesterday was amazing! We hiked in Chautauqua Park, right in Boulder, and the kids did great once again! Also, don't judge... I wore the same hiking clothes as the day before. I know, so Euro of me!

View of Boulder from the top...


This is about where Sam bit it and busted his lip... ironically, on the flat part with no rocks. crazy kid.

Then we went out on the town! We went to illegal pete's for burritos, as instructed to do so by our friend Austin who went to college here. A-MA-ZING.
Then for the best part! We actually got to MEET, in real life, the winner of my pay-it-forward giveaway, Bridget! She lives close to Boulder and it was SUCH a pleasure to meet her and her sweet daughter. Our kids played in the fountains and had way too much fun :). They are waiting for a referral from Ethio and have waited so so so long. Bridget's grace is astounding. But she wants to know who her child is... join me in praying and hoping that she hears soon!!!
the beautiful Bridget...

Our kids decided to completely soak themselves and then shivered to death for awhile. We just laughed because we warned them about that, but they didn't listen. HAHA! Natural Consequences! So luckily we had fleeces in the car... here they are naked and wrapped in jackets for the ride back home :).
Off we go to our next Colorado destination.... TBA! See you here soon!

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  1. Ahhhh!!! It was awesome to meet YOU! So very, very fun! I so wish we lived closer... Maybe someday... :)