Saturday, January 8, 2011

life speeds onward...

holy cow.
slow down! slow down!
this weeks = insane. not bad though. More house painting, more packing up, new carpet installed. It looks Amazing. Someone will want to buy this adorable house, I just know it! The upheaval of getting a house ready to sell, while trying to keep life happy and normal for the kids... HARD WORK! But, it's worth it. Behold, the pretty new carpet:
The carpet was installed upstairs and in the basement, and makes a HUGE difference. I love it. and it smells good. Anyway, the carpet was installed on my blond headed child's birthday. He's FIVE. 5! There's something very strange about a child turning 5... it's just such a real person number. No more baby! I remember feeling the same way when leah turned 5. Like, "has it really been half a decade since I gave birth to you?? WHAT???"... so yes, life speeds quickly on. unbelievable. We celebrated first at the local restaurant of Pete's choice, Hero House, with my parents and sisters (brothers and their wives were there in spirit from Wilmington and Alaska):
The party moved on to my parents' house... where my mother-in-law, and Zach's sister, and my father-in-law and his wife, and their two kids, and my grandparents, all came to celebrate Pete! Yep, all these grandparents and great grandparents live in the same town. It's pure crazy. And fun. We had a completely gross, processed, fake dyed grocery-store spiderman cake, which most of the adults chose to (wisely) avoid. Other than my grandfather, who cannot refuse sweets. and my dad. the good doctor loves fake grocery store cake. he otta know better!

Before having cake, of course, birthday boy had to try out his new motorized scooter from Mama Dede and Papa Doc. Oh boy. New level of danger for Pete. Just what we needed.
Check out all these people... these are ALL Pete's grandparents and and aunts and uncles (minus some, too! i was trying not to overwhelm the poor dude... crowd still huge!) and siblings. No friends here... we have a huge family... Pete is very loved!
Pete with my PopPop... his GREAT grandfather... I think they look alike :).

So that's what we did this past week! Lots of things going on... warp speed! Glad that we were still able to celebrate my sweet boy... and looking forward to slowing down a bit, if possible... happy weekend to all!

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  1. Happy happy happy, merry merry merry to Pete. I love his smile. Thanks for your sweet words on my post re my friend who's struggling.

    I hope you sell your adorable home prontisimo, if we were moving that-a-ways, we'd buy it. It looks precious.

    (I laughed out loud at the adults avoiding the spiderman cake part...)