Sunday, January 23, 2011

for the record...

this is what we did aaaaallllllllll weekend. We beautified the yard. That curb appeal is important, we've heard. As leah says... the yard now looks "beauteous"... word courtesy of her Junie B. Jones books :). ps- spreading mulch is hard work. So is unloading lots of heavy stuff. My butt hurts.

Also, I did this thing called "cleaning." but check out these pictures... this is like "extreme cleaning" in order to make your house look like a catalogue so that someone will want to buy it. This is hard (nearly impossible) to do with children. I may never want to own a house again... this is kicking my arse, all this work... but here's a sampling. I KNOW, it's a MIRACLE:

Just a sampling. But there you have it... evidence... Of weeks' (months'?) worth of blood, sweat, and tears. This better be worth it :).


  1. cute house... cute cute CLEAN house. Love your wood floors. And the fact that they are from your backyard. :)

  2. Holy cow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Amazing... especially based on the current (small and messy) occupants of that lovely abode!! TeTa

  3. Lovely. That just makes me sigh...I want your little house. And I want a clean house. Not reality, I know. But still. I love cleanliness like that.

    Well done. I can't even imagine what it would take to get my house to look like that. ACK!

  4. Can you please come and do the same for mine? We want to sell - but have to get it clean and "beauteous" too! :)

    Seriously - good job on the yard and everything. Too bad our houses can't look that way all the time, right? Wait - maybe yours does. Mine? Not so much.

  5. thanks everyone... and Donna... no worries, my house NEVVVVVER looks like this in real life... we'd rather go hiking as a family or some other fun thing on the weekends... sigh, that time is over for now... time to be SUPER CLEAN! AAAAACK!