Monday, January 31, 2011

you will find me

I'm gonna be there near or far...

My friend Martha posted this soothing song.
It stirs up a lot in me.
As we pray to sell our house,
as we prepare to move our family of five into a tiny space,
as we face the unknown,
and live on student loans and whatever gigs I can get,
as we embark on a fresh new journey,
Fear quietly seeps into the edges of my excitement and wonder,
ever so cunningly,
threatening to mix gently with my joy,
silent but deadly.

And then,
I remember my family and friends... you will find me.
God will find me.
I will never be lost,
we will never be without the One who truly adores us, each and every one of us, no matter what.
No matter where we go, what paths we choose,
we can lay our troubles down.
Nothing is too big, nothing is too small.

We will be held, supported, cheered for, loved.
Mercy is real,
and I am thankful.

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