Wednesday, January 12, 2011

deep breaths

I can do this.
I will not completely freak out. I will remain calm, and hopeful.
School is canceled for the fourth day in a row. Ice storm. Yes, it is fun for the first few days. Then it starts to suck. Yes, I said Suck. if that offends you, you can suck it.
See? I'm losing it. But that was funny, you gotta admit.
We've watched all the movies, played outside, baked a lot, made it up the icy hill to go visit my mom, played her games, ate her food, watched her TV, drank a lot of coffee, and I may possibly be drinking a glass of wine right this minute.
Tomorrow the kids will be here (most likely plotting to take over the world, or steal the moon, whichever comes first) while the painter is finishing some projects, while the realtor and her friend measure, and while I magic eraser more crap off the doors. They will not be in school, because 5% of the roads are still icy. That's okay. Not complaining. Gotta play it safe.
WE HEART STRUCTURE. And School. And Teachers. OOOOh how I love teachers.
And I yearn to go back to work. This week was a bust due to ice and realtors (ha). Worked from home (love being a writer these days... post on internet=day is done). Counseled one client on the phone, and one through email as they arrived in Moscow.
Need to return to real world.
Ice and Cold, go away, come again another day. Or never.
the end!


  1. I'm right there with you! Only we didn't get to go to anyone else's house. I did keep a sweet little baby with a cold today, though. Still, that was no fun for the kids. I'm thinking tomorrow is "GO TO WORK WITH DADDY DAY" (Since, I agree, this sucks and it's MOMMY NEEDS A RECOVERY DAY ((week)). Love you!

  2. Oh yes, it does suck doesn't it? :) I love routine too. And breaks from my kids. Can't imagine what it's like to herd all of them while trying to work and prep the house. Fun times. I'd be drinking Scotch, not wine if I were you.

  3. I'm toasting you, with all the same identical feelings about this ice/snow storm from my weeklong solo mom housebound kids out of school disrupted routine iced driveway desk. I tried to type this on my phone last night...but it didn't go thru. Which pretty much sums up this week. Here's to a speedy thaw! Hang in there honey!

  4. If we don't go to school on Friday, I may have a meltdown - since we are out again on Monday! I wish we had relatives in town so we could go to Grandma's! At least we can get out and about today - post office, take back a redbox movie, etc.