Friday, January 21, 2011

confession friday

So. Hello there. Helluva week. B-U-S-Y.
My deary Erin and friend Tova reminded me that I used to do these fun little days called "confession friday." I don't know if I'm up for a regular schedule of these confessions, but today feels right, so I'm jumpin' in.
-call me an idiot (actually please don't call me that, I might cry), but I have a really good feeling that someone will want to buy our house. I know, sounds crazy with the market the way it is. But I'm going to allow myself to feel positive about this and not be afraid. So, this good feeling is going to stay. Now someone confirm it and buy my house :).
-I'm currently working 4 part-time jobs. Luckily there are only a few more days of overlap here, and I'm back down to 3 again. This is most likely the reason for my extreme exhaustion and slight fever/sore throat. Don't tell myself I'm sick though. I don't want her to get any ideas in her head about "resting" or any nonsense like that. Anyway, I'm now providing afterschool care for my neighbor. Soon I will reclaim my mornings after that job ends, and I'll be able to exercise again. I haven't had time do do that as much. For me, that equals depression. Booo.
-I'm convinced I no longer have friends because I rarely get to see real, live, human beings. I'm buried in work and home projects and paint cans and cleaning and OH YEAH, making sure my kids are still alive. That is key.
-I really do think that money buys at least a degree of happiness, and I feel incredibly guilty about that. I don't really want nice stuff. For me it's more about the traveling and adoptions that could happen, or you know, not having to live on incredible amounts of loans while the husband goes to school. I know, I know, life isn't about money. But to have some sure would make it a little easier. Don't be mad at me!
-I try to have grace for everyone, but some people just suck and need a good kick in the arse. Like the lady who glared at me today in the grocery store. Why lady? Why did you glare at me? Sammy was being perfectly well behaved. If you glared at me because of the color of my son's skin, may the universe dump bird poo on your head today. If you glared at me because you were in a bad mood, well, okay then. Go take a nap or eat a cookie. I forgive you.

Lots of love and mercy to all of you today. HOORAY it's the weekend! I'll be spreading mulch and cleaning. And painting. (SHOCKER!). Oh and here's a new one... going to the dump! Feel free to confess if you need to!

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