Sunday, January 9, 2011


I'm struggling with a few things today, but mainly I'm struggling with cleaning cabinets. Who knew this would be the most annoying thing to do on the entire planet? Also my skin is falling off from the magic eraser. Next time I'll take that "wear gloves" advice. oopsies.

The next struggle is way bigger than just a struggle... it's one of those life injustices that you plead with God or the universe or SOMETHING that's bigger than yourself... to overcome. The injustice = a child doesn't have a family... but the child can have a family NOW... only $14,000 stands in the way. Not just any child.... a child named Moses. This child is already a part of our community... we've been trying to get him home to his mommy and daddy, our dear friends Abby and Daniel, for a long time now. They are our neighbors and in our church community. If you have even $10 to spare, please consider giving to their adoption fund. Go to their blog, HERE, to find out more. Thanks so much for your support, in any form, for our friends.


  1. I totally found out the hard way that they weren't kidding about the gloves. ick

  2. Gross. Magic Erasers are gross. But they do work, don't they? :)