Wednesday, January 26, 2011

daily dose of "becca's a moron"

I was being such a good mommy.
making batches of cookies while Leah was in school and Sam napped.
letting Pete help with the creation of cookie dough.
heating up the oven in plenty of time,
while working on the delicious dough.
which usually doesn't smell like strange chemicals.
a smell that grew stronger
and stronger.
I asked Pete
"do you smell that?"
and of course he answered
"yes mommy, it smells like fire."
except it wasn't exactly fire...
more like melting plastic.
What could be making that terrible smell?
the memory popped into my head...
of the realtor's photographer calling a whole 24 hours earlier than planned, and stating "I'm on my way!"
and me replying "NO PROBLEM!"
except that it was quite a problem,
and I went into a crazy frenzy and hid everything in sight...
including throwing a sippy cup...
into the oven.
which was now three hundred and seventy five degrees.

I *almost* ruined our oven just before entering the real estate market. *almost* :).


  1. I just keep giggling because you put the sippy cup in the oven. :)

  2. Yikes moments happen to the best of us, friend. Or on second thought, maybe just you and I. Best to you and yours with the house sale!

  3. Hahaha that is great...well not the cup or the smell...but still. :) I read this to Brian and he remembered throwing a ton of dirty dishes into our oven for a showing once.

  4. oh poor dora, the things that have been done to her. ha! We all have those moments, I am preparing for more of them when the kiddos come.