Monday, May 21, 2012

so much...

The past week has been nuts! I'll have to update you a few items at a time...

First, my sister Hannah came home from London, where she's been living for a few months. So I've been busy with these little gifts:

these are a few of my favorite things... 
Then that same sister got ENGAGED to her boyfriend, Chase! woot woot! I think they're still 10 though, so maybe they should wait a few years. what's that? They're both over 21? That's impossible!!!

Moving along... Leah had a little recital and did beautifully!

Prima Ballerina

Then, Pete graduated from Kindergarten! (I'm pretty sure he was just born?!?!) 
He INSISTED on wearing his red chucks. He loves these shoes more than anything. Pretty cute! 

waiting to sing... 

while the kindergartners were singing, this is what was going on the back of the gym... 

Shenanigans! Dancing along to the songs :). Sam, "S" (Leah's bff at school), Leah, and "W",  a fellow 2nd grade friend and older bro of one of our soccer players. CUTE KID ALERT. 

That's my boy! (and his teacher- one of the BEST OF ALL TIME!)

growing up fast :). sweet pete! 
That was only the beginning of the weekend... more to come... stay tuned!

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  1. So many fun things going on, what a busy week! Congratulations to your sister on her engagement, Leah on her recital, and Pete on his kindergarten (!?!?) graduation!