Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I have nothing to say

Really, nothing.
Just plunking along through the week, and worrying about election results, which I will not discuss here, although most of you who know me know that I'm a liberal Christian and I don't like laws that define too much... so... I may or may not be living in a state that is about to over-step the "separation of church and state" thing in the constitution that my Army brother and many good friends defend on a daily basis... our constitution... So you know, just hoping that our state doesn't over-step its rights and actually take freedom away from various people. Also, I really like this song by my friend Derek Webb. Well, he doesn't know we're friends. Wait, does that make me weird? probably. I think he'd want to be my friend though, right?!?! :)

In other news, I ran 5 miles today- not at the pace I wanted (averaged a 9 minute mile) but DARNIT my foot hurt like a b*@%$. It's been sort of bothering me, but was fine at the beginning of the run, and then got worse, and now it's been a couple of hours and it still hurts, and hurts to walk. What's a girl to do??? Google "stress fracture," of course. And the proceed to get very pissed off at a bone that may or may not be broken, so that wasn't very fair of me. Sorry bone. I'm going to wait-it-out and see how it feels in the morning.

Happy Tuesday to you all! If you're in a state with primaries or amendments on the ballot, exercise your right to VOTE! Go! vote! xoxo.

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