Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Do you love avocados? I LOVE them. I'm developing an addiction. My favorite way to eat them is on toasted (with melted Cheddar) sprouted wheat bread. Just slice one up and throw it on a sandwich. Delicious! But here's the thing. Why don't we do anything with those gorgeous avocado pits? Or maybe we do, and I just don't know about it? They are so beautiful. Like we should be able to make hardwood floors out of those guys. Or at least do something useful with them. Throwing away such beauty seems cruel. (when I'm not super, crazy busy, these are the kinds of thoughts running through my head. I'm interesting to live with).

One more random thought for the day: Fleetwood Mac. One of my favorite bands of all time. I remember sitting in the parking lot of my high school, after having received a mixed tape (yes, I just wrote that) from one of my boyfriends. You see, I did have a few boyfriends before dating Zach. Yes, this is shocking considering we started dating at 16. Also a bit frightening. DAD. Letting your daughter date that young.

Anyway, I would sit there and listen to this music, some of the greatest of all time. I'm so drawn to words- how they are sung, at what pitch, how they weave together to reflect something. Anything. As a teenager trying to figure out who the heck I was, music was my beacon. Still is. Fleetwood Mac was fun and serious and gave me a glimpse into real life, and how it would feel to keep growing up. I thought I wasn't cool, listening to Fleetwood. I hid it in my car, but one day my friend John (fellow moody deep thinker) heard me listening to my tape, and gave me the look of approval. Like, "wow, you are cool. This music is what moody deep thinkers listen to and we are cool." Once I saw that a friend liked them too, my love for Fleetwood grew deeper. I still listen to them all the time- it is perfect music for long runs and reflecting. And remembering the boyfriend who made that mixed tape, and laughing at myself for thinking that guy was worth it :). But hey, thanks for the tape!


  1. a) Stevie Nicks is my spirit animal

    b) My friend blends avocado pits in a vitamix and turns them to powdery faerie dust, and then drinks them in smoothies. I have heard that they are bitter and gross, and have read that they are mildly toxic. But that last bit of information comes from the internet, which also is the tool that led me to believe I had throat cancer when in fact I did not. So I can't totally vouch for it.

  2. Avocado, turkey bacon, and tomato on toast. I shall go make one this instant.

  3. I used to try to grow an avocado tree with every. single. stinkin.' avocado pit that I had because I couldn't bear to part with such things of beauty. I mean, they feel so good in the palm of your hand, right?

    But my pits never turned to trees. Such a sad story.

  4. Avocadoes are one of my absolute favorite foods. I was crushed when my son rejected them as a baby (I insisted it was food #2 to try on him, after the rice cereal stuff), but now thankfully he loves them. Only my husband is against them now, calls them "grossacadoes". And I too love Fleetwood Mac, and that song is awesome! Music is definitely such a great part of our lives.

  5. I'm obsessed with avocados, too! My new specialty: scrambled eggs with avocado and havarti. Yum, yum. And now I want to try the sandwich your friend mentioned above.