Wednesday, May 23, 2012

the weekend: Nieces Edition

Did you know I have TWO awesome nieces? I do. I'm a lucky auntie! I got to see them BOTH this past weekend, making it such a joyful few days.

I got to meet sweet baby Caroline for the FIRST time! Her mommy and daddy (my brother Tyler) were stationed in Alaska when she was born, so I didn't get to meet her until now. Do you remember me asking you to pray for her? She is doing so well. Medicine is working well and she's happy, healthy, and thriving. She is beyond sweet and completely delightful! Ginna is an amazing mommy (hi Ginna!) and I know Tyler is an awesome dad, based on Caroline's pure love for his face, via skype :). She is so adorable! I got to babysit her one night and loved every second of it. Sam decided he didn't totally hate her, or my sweet niece Laela, which we've been struggling with (he does NOT like being dethroned as the "baby" of the family. He's had a realllly hard time with it, poor little dude. But he's dealing with it and getting better :).

Hangin' with Caroline!

the babies meeting for the first time... and their gorgeous mamas

just chillin', getting to know each other ;)

Sammy getting some love from Uncle Kyle, assuring him that he still has a solid "cute" status in the family

Hannah and her fiance, Chase (fellow Romanian adoptee! Yes, that is cool!), holding the babies with Leah. I think Caroline is actually doing a cute little laugh here, but maybe she wanted mama? Regardless: she's awesome. 

Cousins! All together for the first time! 

PopPop chatting with Caroline :)

And relaxing with Laela :)

My Grandparents attempting to get a picture with 5 of their 10 (TEN) Great-grandchildren. TEN! And we're not even Catholic or Mormon! (I have a lot of Catholic and Mormon friends. You all  know I love you and I'm kidding :). Also, it's hilarious, b/c we're the stiff kind of protestants that have no more than 2.4 kids, and here they are, with this many great grandkids... love it!!!) 
So that was the Niece Weekend. So much fun, and so soul-filling to get to have our kids all together. My brother Tyler was sorely missed (Army) but we hope to see him at some point soon. At this point we just want to see his cute kid, anyway ;-).

Our final fun element of the weekend will be blogged about soon. Just in case you're interested. Have a good Wednesday!

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  1. The best kind of picture is when everyone is posing and trying to hold a smile....and a baby is crying. I just found some photos from when my parents visited when Audrey was tiny, and she was screaming through the whole set while the rest of us tried to smile. Hilarious.