Wednesday, May 2, 2012


I do love the South. I live in a really diverse area- outside of the cities, so it's not as "educated" out here, but it's diverse, friendly, slow, and happy.

What I DO NOT LOVE is the heat. Yesterday I went out for what was supposed to be an easy, enjoyable, 4 mile run. Oh heck no. I forgot that by the time I was out of my class, it would already be 85 degrees. I was like "Oh, no problem. I'm used to this. Just ran 3.5 in the beach humidity." WRONG. Holy mother of $*#*@. Whatever that means... you get my point. So in the past few months I've happily run up to 13 miles on a regular basis, and then BAM, it gets hot, and I can't go past 3.5. I mean, I was dying. Heart rate wouldn't come down, blah blah, so I started walking at 3.5 (I've never let myself walk before hitting my milage goal).

This post has no point. I'm just letting you in on my little heat problem. Hello treadmill. We'll be getting to see each other a lot this summer. Sigh.

In other news, I have a test, a quiz, and an little oral presentation on clostridium botulinum on Thursday. Then I'm DONE with the semester! woooooot! Anatomy and Physiology part ONE are coming up this fall. throw a little online Stats in there, and I only have one more pre-req to take before applying to the ABSN nursing program. At least that training will take place in the air-conditioning.

tata for now...

*Edited to Add: Today is my Dad's birthday! We were able to drive up to their city yesterday evening for a little b'day celebration. Happy Birthday to the best dad ever!!!!

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  1. Happy Birthday to Keithala!

    This heat is ridonk, man. It got all steamy here and made all the boxwoods outside my house emit their awful cat pee smell. Blarrrr.