Wednesday, May 30, 2012

moving along... stitches edition

Remember when I said last weekend (not LAST weekend, but the weekend before) was filled up with a whole latta crazy? I wasn't kidding! On Saturday morning, while playing with the babies and helping my youngest sister get ready for her dance rehearsal, my brother Kyle came through the door with a bleeding and crying Pete. He wasn't actually crying that hard, so I thought he just got a little booboo. But a lot of blood was coming from his chin... and there it was, a deep and "meaty" cut. Because we were at my parents' house, and because my dad just happens to be a family doctor who knows how to stitch up wounds, we avoided the ER! Off to the office we went, where Pete was super brave while getting stitches. I love watching my dad stitch people up and I would love to learn that! I'm not sure of nurses learn how to do that, but I'll learn on the side if I have to. I took some pictures with my phone:
brave boy and good doctor! 

all done

glad it's over! 
Did I tell you he fell off his skateboard? Does that remind you of someone else in our family who fell off a skateboard (ahem, Zach) and had to go in an ambulance b/c he couldn't move and busted his head? SOMEONE KEEP US AWAY FROM SKATEBOARDS!

***In other news, our NC legend, Doc Watson, has passed away after a long and musically rich life. His music and "southern mountain music" in general has always spoken to my soul. I love it. I'm not necessarily a "southern girl" as my whole family is from New Jersey and I grew up a little in Washington DC and more in Colorado before moving to NC. I've never really related to the "southern" culture although there are parts of it I love- the simplicity, the kindness, the slower pace. One thing that has always resonated with me is the mountain music. NOT the "hot new country" that is not even music half the time- but the guitar picking, banjo plucking, fiddle picking music that was influenced by Irish immigrants long ago. Doc Watson represented so much of that grassroots music. His music will live on forever! RIP Doc.

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  1. Yikes, I am glad that Pete is ok and your Dad was there to take good care of him! Stay away from skateboards, indeed.