Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother Schmother

Happy Mothers Day to all of you who love kids... whether they're "yours" or not! It takes a village! I think this "holiday" is dumb with a capital D, but only because it was invented by Hallmark. But I did get to go out early this morning with two good friends and run 6 miles! Yes, there it is folks, I'm nutso! My idea of a great morning is to get my ass out of bed at 6:30 and go running for miles and miles! WHO KIDNAPPED THE REAL ME??? Anyway, we did have a great run and my foot felt... the same. Which is awesome, considering it could have felt a lot worse. So I'll take it. I iced it down and stretched really well and it feels okay. So we're going to diagnose this as a tendon thing, not a stress fracture thing, and if the pain holds steady or gets worse over the next 2 weeks, I'll go see a person who is actually qualified with a medical degree to tell me what's up. For now, I'll do the self-diagnosis and treatment thing.

May is one of those crazy-busy months, with tons of end-of-dance, end-of-sports, end-of-school parties and on and on and on for 3 different children, plus some work for me, so I'm in one of those "head spinning around like a crazy person" modes. (Zach's back in school and realizing that "summer semester" does not equal "easy semester). Once next week is over things should calm down, and we'll (me and the kids) settle into a summer routine. That means going to the pool, and that's about it. So excited!

Here's a glimpse into why being a mom is fun: Spitting contests at dinner. We're so mature.

strange children... 

Captures their personalities perfectly... (notice the top button on Sam's shirt. One must always button the top button, in Sam's world...)

so attractive

the wars begin... such drama

Karma Sam, Karma... 

Notice Mom (me) in the far left corner swooping in before the fist actually hits a face... 
"Every single thing I know about one thing is true for the other," she said. "I can talk about writing, or faith, or motherhood. All of them are messy, beautiful, screwed up."--Anne Lamott

Thanks Anne. That's truth, right there. Happy Weekend, all. Enjoy your messy, real lives... it's all worth it! 


  1. Those action shots are the best. Pete's face as he gets the shower, and then Sam's face in the following one. So great. Happy Mother's Day, sisterwife! Why hasn't Bono sent us any flowers yet??

  2. These photos are amazing and make me want to do a post (or hundred) with these real moments in our life. Yowzers.