Wednesday, December 1, 2010

incredible piles of awesomeness.

You guys.
This is incredible.
Remember this post?
We got some news, yall! SOME BIG NEWS!!!!!
my husband got into dental school! we really will be traveling... most likely to East Carolina University, near the coast of NC!
time to put the house on the market (after we work our tails off to get it ready... yikes...)!!!
And, just to add to the excitement, I get to have more eye surgery tomorrow, so this little blog may be quiet for a few days... hopefully I'll heal quickly this time...
Surgery will be easier to handle knowing that our crazy hard work has paid off... woohooo!
Thanks for all your love and support during this process... we still need lots of where that came from!
Time to celebrate :).


  1. whoo hoo! You want to know my first thought when I read that? "oh no, now I won't be able to talk to her anymore!" of course quickly followed by "duh, Ashley, she doesn't even know who you are, and you don't TALK to her, you read her blog, which will follow her to NC!!!" LOL

    Congrats to your husband (and you)! Praying for your eye to heal quickly (and less painfully than last time).

  2. Yahhhhhoooo! A huge congratulations to your husband, kudos tanto!

    And I hope your recovery from eye surgery is swift, and discomfort free (or minimal).


  3. Congratulations! Yay! Yippee!

    That's great. May the prepping and packing and selling and moving all go well. May the eye surgery and healing be as fabulous as possible.

    Hugs! (the celebratory, jumping up and down kind, and I don't do that with many people, or that often)