Thursday, December 9, 2010


{we really have 5 stockings... have to move the middle one so that it doesn't catch fire. yikes.}

{Home Alone viewing, 2010}

we are letting our breath out, just a bit.
eye surgeries done.
Zach got into school, a dream come true! Decision made.
time to enjoy for awhile.
just... be.

Action figure Jesus (the one from China who "parts the red sea," according to the package (!! pure awesome hilarity!!) is back atop our tree... we're classy this year with a twisty tie instead of duct tape.

And these babies delight our senses...
and visions of working at Trader Joe's next year dance in my head...
(wouldn't that be amazing??? I might actually try to do that...)

Hoping your days are merry...

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