Sunday, December 12, 2010


When you find out you have to put your house up for sale, something strange happens. Purging, of epic proportions. I should've taken pictures. But holy cow, we just brought a whole latta stuff to goodwill. (which warms my heart every time we drop stuff off...). And, we passed along baby and toddler clothes/gear to FOUR different families in our community.
which is great... but leads to the question... why the HECK did we still have all that stuff?
Cleaning out is AMAZING. love it.
Also, this is a common scene around here... thought you may want to see it:
Zach cooking (an man in the kitchen, where he should be (teehee!)), and Pete serenading him. Cute.
So just in case you wanted to buy our house, I wanted to let you know it is awesome. And we're making it even awesomer, just for you.
And my back hurts from crawling through the attic for two days straight.
Happy weekend to you all!

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  1. I loooove purging. Like in an obsessive sort of way. Love it. If I lived close I would be over purging with you while our children ran around like hooligans.