Monday, December 27, 2010

historic white christmas...

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! Ours started with Sam wanting nothing to do with anything... (note his block of being in the picture... he's my sleeper, and was NOT happy that his siblings woke him up to see what Santa brought!)

He did a little warming up with daddy on the couch...
and then decided to be happy about Christmas :).

Leah was excited about her new hair accessories, and Pete got the one thing he asked for... a peppermint paddy! (it's the little things in life... and don't worry, he received more than just a piece of candy.)
"santa" had to throw in a little fun...
you know those books where you have to search for certain items among the sea of crazy? that's what the coffee table looked like when all was said and done (find the butterfinger)...

We continued our lovely Christmas by watching the snow fall all day... a total of 6 inches! first time NC has seen a measurable snow since 1969 on Christmas day... and a new record! It was miraculous to watch the heavy, huge flakes fall as we dined with our dear families and celebrated the holiday. The next day was perfect for sledding and playing in the snow!

there's nothing more hopeful and refreshing than a white Christmas... wishing you peace this week!


  1. Lovely pictures. But the one of your house with all the snow and lights. That one made me all jealous. Sigh...

  2. Merry Christmas friend! looks like yall had a blast.

  3. Beautiful, invigoratiing snow. Merry, merry to your fam.

  4. Merry Merry white Christmas to one of my fav families!!!