Monday, December 6, 2010


My dear friend coffeemom often refers to receiving "bricks" from heaven. You know, loud clear messages from the Big Guy (or Lady, as I often like to clarify :)).

We got one. A big fat one. And it's exciting, y'all. A decision has been made. Waiting on a few more bits of info and we'll reveal the news. We DO have that "peace that surpasses all understanding" that we were (not so) patiently waiting for. Most importantly, my husband feels that he's making the best decision for his education path, and that is priceless. Thanks so much for your thoughts and prayers and advice and good karma!!!!!

Also, Leah and I got hair cuts, which is somehow just as important. We love our haircuts around here.


  1. I didn't get the opportunity be your 'crystal ball' before you got your brick, but I'm glad to know that you have peace about your decision. Best wishes on this new adventure!

  2. LOVE your haircuts. And love having bricks too (despite the dents...). Glad for you and even more so for the peace! Great news!!!

  3. Aaaaahhh!! Yay to you, Congrats to your FAM! Congrats to Zach!