Monday, December 20, 2010

Flashback: 2008

This was our first Christmas Picture with Sammy home! He's so little and cute... oh how fast they grow! And let's talk about me for just a sec... I'm kinda diggin' the hair. I usually hate it when I get the urge to chop it off, but then I look back at pics and it's pretty cute I think. Maybe too preppy? Contemplating another short cut...

Actually, check out this video. (a) it's a great song by JJ Heller, one of my fav singers. Disclosure: I usually dislike "Christian" musicians. I think they can be way lame. I know, that is very mean of me, I admit it. And I ask those lame artists to forgive me. Every so often, though, a little gem shines through... a genuine singer/songwriter without a big agenda, other than to be raw. Okay, so that being said, you will most likely enjoy this song, even if you're not religious. onto (b)... her hair. Do you think I could pull that off? Remember this is a major life decision people. I LOVE it on her. Very cute/modern/not-too-preppy. Check it out:

Okay so now you've seen a great song and a great haircut. Nice combo! Onto THIS year's Christmas picture! (well, one of them. This was taken by my very talented 13 year old sister Sophie! Didn't she do a great job??) So yes... look how big my kids are! And, more importantly, how long my hair is! Anyway, I'm accepting advice once again. Not as important as the dental school decision, but almost :).

Have a lovely day!


  1. i say... cut it. it is sooo cute short. you look great either way... and it will always grow back out.

    but *disclaimer*, i have this same dilemma at least once a year. i cut it off, and then long for it to be long again! so maybe i'm not the best to give advice. but it sure does look cute short! :)

  2. I say cut it. Long hair is gorgeous but the short is easier with little kids and it will always grow back. Plus I wouldn't say preppy. Maybe more perky? :) Perky is not bad when one is a mom with kids and works, and blogs, etc. :)

    The hair do on the video looks like more work to me. But it's really nice. I wish I could rock short hair, but I just can't. Unless it's VERY short.

  3. I think that you could do something more bold.

  4. let's talk about zach's hair in the first picture. it is so 80s.

  5. OK, problem with first photo is Zach's chin, or should I say chins. Glad that is gone. Your hair looks AWESOME in that photo!!! A style!! Spunky, not preppy. DO IT and get ready for your new life!

  6. i think i will cut it!
    yes lauren. hilarious. and ashley... he's slimmed waaaay down, eh? i finally convinced him that his eating habits from college weren't workin' out :).

  7. Okay, WAIT a minute - what am I DOING in that first picture? You look a whole lot like me in that photo - are you my long-lost parallel universe twin? Fess up. Right now. Seriously, because my hair sort of looks like that now, albeit a tad darker, and just the other day I was wearing THAT SAME shirt with a white long sleever underneath. Plus, I usually think Christian music is dorktified, but I have to admit I like a song by Jars of Clay and also that Burlap group. And when my entire household is not sleeping, I'm going to come back and listen to this one you posted.

    And this: Your family is geeee-orgeous!