Wednesday, December 29, 2010

well hello there

I will be buried in paint and cleaning for the next eternity, along with my husband, apparently. Trying to sneak in some fun with the kids, too! Realtor comes TOMORROW... ACK... hoping she doesn't walk in and say "Ummm, no. this place is a wreck, and everyone will hate it." I did, indeed, have a dream that this happened. AAAAACK!

Breathing deeply...

also, you should see my new haircut from my incredibly talented sister-in-law, Lorin. It's fancy and fun and new :).

I hope you're all staying sane out there! It's the great holiday clean-up of 2010... dun dun dun...


  1. The house will go big. Don't worry. IT will be fine and it's nerve wracking but it will happen...sooner or later. And the always you are simply the cutest thing around and can totally pull off this chic cute gamin cut!! Very Audrey Hepburn but for our modern days. Love it. and you. M

  2. Yes! Audrey Hepburn! Wow. Very cute.

    Apparently I can't type in longer sentences.