Friday, June 10, 2011

we're all swimming to the other side

tears, lots of tears.
This week Leah wrapped up her time at her beloved school. This place shaped her, and shaped us, as a family. The community there taught me how to better live among all kinds of people. Both allowing me to freely keep my faith in God, and love Jesus and the wisdom he has taught me, and also to love, learn from, and enjoy people of other faiths or no exact religion. I know, I know. I may seem too "inclusive" for some, or not firm in my own faith, by openly learning from others, too, and not boxing myself in to only one tradition. By allowing myself to be open, I've not only grown closer to God, but I've softened to others. There is less judgment in my heart, and more swells of grace and mercy. I have LOVED seeing my daughter surrounded by so many different kinds of people, who have celebrated her faith even if it is not their own. This was a wonderful community to be a part of- a lot of love, respect, the finding of the common good in all of us, regardless of race, religion, culture, income, etc... And we will be forever grateful for this experience in our lives. Moving on... it's hard, especially in saying goodbye to this community.

Zach, the boys, and I attended the last "Friday Sing" (the whole school (k-5) gathers for the last 30 minutes of school on Fridays to sing songs) of the year. The music director led this song, and I decided it was so perfect to describe what we're all doing as humans. I cried (I HATE public crying, but the tears came as I grieved leaving this community). We're all just "swimming to the other side..." we really are. Zach and I have decided that this will be our "family song." It doesn't threaten our existence as Christians. It teaches my kids that it's impossible for us all to be the same... it's impossible to all have the exact same opinions, because none of us have the same life experience. Our Christianity exists to teach US how to better love our neighbors, not to tell them that they are lesser or worse for not believing what we do about God. This song teaches love, inclusiveness, and the respect that we must carry in our hearts for all people. This is what I want to fill my kids' thoughts as they grow up and go out into the world. They may absolutely have faith... and they may absolutely love all people and live compassionately.

(you can ignore the somewhat odd art and listen to the music- and imagine this beautiful group of children singing this at the top of their lungs. Pure beauty).

Swimming to the Other Side By Pat Humphries

We are living 'neath the great Big Dipper

We are washed by the very same rain

We are swimming in the stream together

Some in power and some in pain

We can honor this ground we walk on

Cherishing the beings that we live beside

Loving spirits will live forever

We're all swimming to the other side

I am alive, and I am searching

Hungering for answers in my time

I am balanced at the brink of wisdom

I'm impatient to receive a sign

I will follow with my senses open

Imperfection, it be my crime

In humility I will listen

We're all swimming to the other side


On this journey through thoughts and


Finding intuition, my head, my heart

I am gathering the tools together

I'm preparing to do my part

All of those who have come before me

Band together and be my guide

Loving lessons that I will follow

We're all swimming to the other side


When we get there we'll discover

All of the gifts we've been given to share

Have been with us since life's beginning

And we never noticed they were there

We can balance at the brink of wisdom

Never recognizing that we've arrived

Loving spirits will live together

We're all swimming to the other side


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