Tuesday, June 7, 2011


I got nothin'! Just normal life...

This past weekend was FUN... full of pool time and dinners with my sisters while my parents were in NYC! Get this... my grandparents have been married for SIXTY FIVE years and are in their late 80's, and went up to the City with my parents for a cousin's memorial service. This cousin was a well-known choir and symphony director (as well as famous music teacher) in the city, and this memorial was held at Cooper Union (was going to be at the church (St. Peter's? Patrick's?) but they needed more space) and was (according to my family) spectacular. Prominent musicians donated their time for the service... ANYway, my grandparents spent the night in NYC for the first time since their honeymoon night 65 years ago! I'll share pictures soon! (hi Mimi and PopPop! you're famous!).

We're wrapping up the last week of school here, which is nothing short of weird. Weird to be leaving a school that we are so in love with and where Leah has thrived. I feel so sad about this. but, onward! Actually, speaking of onward, will you please say a prayer or send out a happy thought that Leah will get into the same charter school that Pete got into? I would LOVE for them to be at the same school next year. She is second on the wait list. Just second! All we need is for TWO kids to move/choose another school/something and then she'll get a spot. I have everything crossed. Will you help me with this huge hope of ours??? thank you!!!

The ending of school signifies that our move is REAL... that life marches on... that we're all growing up... and so does THIS:
And let us all say "AMEN." My baby's growin' up. And my 7.5 year stretch of diaper changing is OVER. WOOHOOOO!

So besides not changing diapers anymore, I have no blog inspiration. Maybe it's because life is just humming along. I'm working on a case (Moldova!), wrapping up some post-adoption cases, preparing for some weddings coming up (the kids are in one!), going away gatherings for us, and a baby shower for my sis-in-law. Just lots of little, fun, busy things. The only reason I'm blogging right now and not driving carpool/at yoga is my stomach. It is not cooperating today. Oh well.

Give me something to blog about. Do you have any questions you'd like to ask me? Appropriate ones, of course. Ask away. I'll do an answer post.

ta ta for now. Happy Tuesday!


  1. I think you should have a toilet photo of every member of your family, and then frame them and put them on the wall in your new home. It could be a way to screen new friends. If they're freaked out, they can peace out. Cool?

  2. OMgooooodness, he really is growing up SO big. What a handsome boy, truly. I am so fearful for the charter school wait list stuff... I've started looking into it and one word: DAUNTING.

    Hope your transition goes smoothly and happily.