Saturday, June 11, 2011

never grow up

Lately the kids have been talking about what they want to be when they grow up. Sam tells me he wants to be a boy, my boy. I tell him that is fine, he can always be my boy :). Leah goes through a list... teacher, doctor, food critic (she does love food, in a very sophisticated way). Pete has been mentioning surgery for some time now... he wants to be a surgeon. I always tell them they can be whatever they want to be... reach for the stars, do what you love. I remind them that they are, in fact, very young, and they have plenty of time to figure it all out. In the back of my mind, though, I know how fast it is coming. If these first 7.5 years of parenthood went by this fast, then it must be true... they do grow up, much to my joy and sorrow. The other day, Pete was talking about being a surgeon again. Suddenly he said "wait. wait mommy. I don't want to be a surgeon anymore. I don't want to grow up... I just want to be a kid!" Of course I said he could be a kid for as long as he wanted. He is my baby boy, and always will be :).

After that discussion, my kids have been singing "never grow up" sweetly in the car as we travel from here to there....
Oh darlin' don't you ever grow up... stay this little...

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