Friday, June 3, 2011

local talent*

*Chatham County Line

**the Mighty River Project

**I'll start with The Mighty River Project, started by our dear friends. You should read their blog and start following their journey (you can find them and "like" them on FB too). They are amazing local talent, of the non-profit variety. And of the adoptive parent variety. We love them!

*My sis-in-law bought me this music for my birthday... i love some new music! Especially music that sounds like summer, AND sounds like good ol' NC. This area produces unique musicians... and when I listen, even if I want to put down roots somewhere else, or explore new areas, I'm ultimately reminded of how much I love it here. This is home... this music is home. Maybe some things are bigger, better, more refined... but this? This is real :).

We're entering our last bit of time here before leaving for some crazy travels, and then it's time to start our new life in our new town. I'm so excited to see what the future holds :). Also? I want to adopt a little girl. Like right now. I'm hoping the stars align somehow... maybe I'll have to wait a few years, but maybe not... hmmm....

Enjoy this lovely local (to me) talent...
welcome to summer!
Have a fantastic weekend!

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  1. See here I thought with the title of your last post about all the cool kids, that you might talk about adoption. So not surprised that you want too. :) Hoping the stars align!