Tuesday, June 28, 2011

let's get rich!

Hi friends!
Thank you SO much for your comments below... and please! please! if you haven't read the pay-it-forward-have-mercy giveaway, please read, and introduce yourself!!! I would love love love to know who's out there reading this blog, and how it encourages you... but mostly I want to know YOU!! Really, I do. No shyness allowed. Say HI!

Also, my sister introduced me to this artist, sweet Ingrid, and I have a crush on her music. Also, this song reminds me of how Zach and I will have nothin' (we haven't had much, but...) over the next few years... and then we'll be buried under student loans.... and then HELLO! It'll be time to pay for THREE (hopefully at least FOUR) college educations, so you know, we're never really gonna be "rich" unless we win the lottery :). But if we did get rich... we may not buy our parents houses in the south of France, but giving everyone nice sweaters? we'd do that :). And no matter how poor we are, we will always give away $25 gift cards, and then watch you give them away. Because that's what life is all about. (now go leave a comment during this lovely song :) )

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