Monday, March 12, 2012


really, the weeks are flying by. And, I have no time to blog, apparently.
Here are snapshots from the past few days:

*got a little sick of feeling like a lonely mommy, so headed home to my parents' house for a sleepover with the kids. Super quick trip, and very fun to just hang out and have a little help with the kids for a little while. They had a blast with my parents, I got to run, they played in the hot tub for hours. Zach studied for 48 hours straight and it still wasn't enough... I feel bad for these dental students right now! ROUGH semester. But anyway, we got bagels and my favorite, KRANKIES coffee, best stuff in the world.

*Headed back here to see Zach (the kids really missed him!), had pizza, went to bed early to make up for that missing hour :).

*Had a lovely Sunday filled with church and friends. Our dear friends, the Duncans, are the best culinary creators on the planet. On Sunday they decided to make Greek food... and I almost exploded my own stomach. We eat too much and also sit around talking about microbiology, diarrhea, and fecal transplants that are happening more often due to drug-resistant "C-dif"... a really narly bacteria. We've recently taken up discussing Eastern religions and philosophy. This is all while the kids run around the house/yard acting like wild animals. Yeah, we're really, really fun to be around. (snort snort).

*today the kids didn't have school, and the universe gave me the gift of good behavior. It's true. They all behaved as we went to the grocery store (trader joe's. this helps, because it's fun and they get little treats. but still. ALL THREE. good. in store. maybe my parenting IS working!!!???). Then we came home, had lunch, and went on a 3.5 mile hike (with our awesome friends) and they did SO well. worked hard, had fun, and we all just basked in the beautiful spring weather. This particular trail is nice and hilly, and along a gorgeous lake. I'm awesome and took NO pictures for you {sarcasm}. Next time that is definitely happening! When we got home the kids played and Pete fished in our pond. Such a fun day!

*I'm gearing up for a big week- back in class (after my spring break), working a lot this week, and Pete has his first spring soccer practice. Then... are you ready for this news... it's time for my HALF MARATHON WEEKEND!!! I can't believe it's here! I'm so so so excited to conquer this goal.

*and last but not least... Zach has spring break starting next Monday. That will be a fantastic week of co-parenting!!! wooohoooo!

And that concludes my "snapshots of our crazy life" blog post. I'm sure I left thousands of details out. Pictures.... I'll post whatever pics I can find soon. Also, my sis-in-law did a little blog-question thing that I need to answer... those are always entertaining so I'll work on that :). Hope you all have a great week!

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  1. Fecal transplants??? I can only assume that this means taking the doodies of one person and transplanting them into another. SCIENCE!!!!