Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Heeeeey everyone!
I did it! I ran 13.1 miles, and did it in 2 hours, 3 minutes, and 51 seconds. I was something like 398 out of almost 2000 runners and 78th in my age group (ages 30-34, and there were 239 in that group). I'm serious (maybe nuts) when I say, honestly, I LOVED it. Every single second of it. It was so perfect for my first ever race! To train, to push your body to do something you thought you couldn't do, and then to accomplish your goal? There is really nothing like it. I feel strong and healthy and thankful that my body IS capable of more than I thought it was. I've always loved to exercise but running was never my "thing" and now it is definitely my thing!!! Thanks to Zach for helping me accomplish this, and of course my AMAZING running friends for pushing me and encouraging me to work HARD!!!

my roommies for the weekend! These ladies run FAST! 

we were at the expo picking up our race packets

at the beach for our italian dinner! 

the whole group from Taryn's neighborhood! hot runnin' mamas... post carb-loading!

5:30am. Wet. not really raining though... just misting, like we were inside a cloud. We got out, got on one of a thousand buses, and went to the start of the race. Crowded with thousand of runners and FUN! The adrenaline started pumping! It was cold but felt great, actually. Nice to not run in the hot sun! 

Post-race- we went across the finish, cheered, and went to the car for some colder water than the race offered... then back to cheer on the rest of the runners! Can you tell we were HAPPY?! Such an incredible feeling! 

Love these ladies. We all have kids and jobs and busy lives, but we DID it!!! 
I think I'm most happy to start this journey now, and to make this something we do as a family. I'm all for balance and don't want to be crazy about it, but I'm already trying to make exercise (like hiking and soccer) a normal and regular part of my kids' lives... and as they get older, I would LOVE to do some of these fun races together! Zach is excited to train with me for another 1/2 marathon next year if he can fit it in. I'm excited about staying healthy with these new race goals, but more importantly, the friendships and discipline that occur are priceless! I also truly believe that empowering yourself leads to respecting and caring for others on a deeper level... this kind of thing leads to healthier people (inside and out) who can go on to make a difference in their communities and throughout the world. THANKS for all the support you all have given me! I had the time of my life!

Another incredible thing happened too... my Zach had a birthday! I got home in time to celebrate with him and make birthday cookies (he didn't want cake :). So the kids and I got to shower him with a little love this weekend too, once I got home. I hope he felt loved!

Birthday cookies with a 6 candle. This is the candle the kids wanted :). He is 6 x 5.33333

Sam was around the corner having a pity party about something, but he came around after a minute :). 
I took a couple of days off from exercising, and I'm just hanging out and resting my legs a bit (as much as I can with 3 kids and having to do stuff like clean the house. It's pretty gross people. Had to happen. But tomorrow I'll hit the gym and keep up this momentum. More soon... off to get the kids and force some homework time! Hope you all are well!


  1. Congratulations, what an accomplishment! I'm impressed, and proud! Happy belated birthday to Zach. Feel free to mail me any leftover cookies.

  2. Congratulations! Well done, I would love to do that sometime.